What’s Under the Hood?

Search Processing Unit (SPU®)

The Hyperspace SPU® was designed for data-intensive applications with a native thread-per-core architecture to scale up and saturate any deployment platform.

Cloud-Native Managed Database

The cloud is the default storage tier for Hyperspace clusters. Hyperspace intelligently manages the reads and writes to maintain low-latency performance, giving you infinite data storage without the high compute costs.

Diagram of Cloud-Native Managed Database

Run search queries faster than ever

Built upon a cloud-based search processing unit.

Get started with Hyperspace for free

Get immediate 30-day access to the Hyperspace Search DB with $400 in credits.

Run search queries at 10x lower latencies, powering a new spectrum of real-time search and AI applications.

Enhance search relevancy by combining both keyword search, and vector search methods.

Cut costs by 50%: reduce your database cluster size without impacting performance or scalability.