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Hyperspace is an elastic compatible cloud-native search database that leverages custom computing power so you can run any type of search at any time and scale with uncompromised performance, consistency, and confidence.

In a world where every other search database promise 
10x higher performance - we deliver it.

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Shattering the limits of search

Built by performance-obsessed engineers, Hyperspace's purpose built chip delivers unmatched search performance in data-intensive applications, surpassing the limitations of traditional software-based solutions.










Ingestion Speed

Deeper search
higher flexibility

Execute state-of-the-art similarity queries by combining vector search with classic search functions like metadata filtering, aggregations, TF-IDF and more.

Scale from zero to billions at half the cost

Hyperspace is purpose-built to optimize your computation efficiency and memory footprint. Run your search at the billion scale while cutting your search database and costs in half, so you can meet your SLA with ease.

1 Billion

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We transitioned to Hyperspace because their onboarding process was clear and much easier compared to other search solutions on the market. Additionally, their indexing speed surpasses anything we've experienced before

Gal Peretz

VP R&D, Renovai

Current database search software has its limitations, therefore having significant implications on fraud prevention performance. Hyperspace's new approach to FPGA-based search is something that we at nSure could not ignore. The promise of consistent, faster and more relevant search at scale not only can improve our performance benchmarks but can also critically improve our model learning capabilities and create new business opportunities.

Ziv Isaiah

Co-founder & CTO,

Hyperspace holds immense potential for redefining the future of search. As Hyperspace evolves, we should continue to see groundbreaking benchmarks for search relevance and latency.

Yuval Avnon


Hyperspace is innovating in the field of hybrid search with a focus on extreme performance, delivering exceptional results in the process.

Alessandro Benedetti

R&D Director

Hyperspace combines the strengths of both keyword and vector search, ensuring ultra-relevant and rapid search results.

Uri Goren


Scale Up With No Extra Effort.

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