Run Search Queries Faster Than Ever

Built by performance-obsessed engineers to deliver 10x lower latencies at billion-scale data-sets. Query in milliseconds to power new use cases that are beyond the grasp of other search databases.

Run a Deeper and More Flexible Search

Execute state-of-the-art similarity queries by combining vector search with all the classic search functions like metadata filtering, aggregations and TF-IDF.

Save Money
(And the Planet)

Cut your search database cluster in half without compromising on performance or scale. Hyperspace optimizes your computation efficiency and memory footprint to allow you meet your SLA with ease and keep your infrastructure lean.

Use Cases


Transform your shoppers’ experience with highly accurate search results.

Threat Detection

Recognize malicious patterns in real-time and protect your customers.


Match buyers and sellers with razor precision.


Provide extremely accurate real-time user recommendations.

What’s Under the Hood?

Search Processing Unit (SPU®)

The Hyperspace SPU® was designed for data-intensive applications with a native thread-per-core architecture to scale up and saturate any deployment platform.

Cloud-Native Managed Database

The cloud is the default storage tier for Hyperspace clusters. Hyperspace intelligently manages the reads and writes to maintain low-latency performance, giving you infinite data storage without the high compute costs.

Diagram of Cloud-Native Managed Database

What’s Under the Hood?

Search Processing Unit

The Hyperspace SPU® is a cloud-based hardware-driven solution that utilizes FPGA technology to deliver unmatched search performance in data-intensive applications, surpassing the limitations of traditional software-based solutions.

Cloud-Native Managed Database

Hyperspace Cloud natively supports the Elastic API and offers seamless integration with your current data architecture. Powered by AWS F1 instances, it provides extreme scalability, performance, and flexibility. With powerful search functionality, you can perform lightning-fast searches across billion-scale datasets.

Scale Up With No Extra Effort.

Hyperspace is built with proven, production-ready tools. We're supporting everything from fintech providers to social networks.


Scale from zero to billions of items, with no downtime and minimal latency impact.


Highly-available, designed for mission-critical systems, ensuring availability, continuity and maintainability.


Hyperspace is ISO certified and built to keep data secure.

You're in Good Company

“Hyperspace holds immense potential for redefining the future of search. As Hyperspace evolves, we should continue to see groundbreaking benchmarks for search relevance and latency.”

Yuval Avnon


“Hyperspace is innovating in the field of hybrid search with a focus on extreme performance, delivering exceptional results in the process.”

Alessandro Benedetti

R&D Director

“Hyperspace combines the strengths of both keyword and vector search, ensuring ultra-relevant and rapid search results.”

Uri Goren


The Search Database that is proven to be 10x faster and 3x more cost-effective.

Search With No Limits